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Software complexity metrics

Software complexity metrics measures software attributes maintainability, testability and test case optimization.These metrics helps in following scenarios
1) you have to maintain code written by some other person.
2) you have to test the software.
3) you have to test the software in short time period with maximum test coverage.
Complexity is the common source of errors in software. Complex module beyond certain point are more error prone Complex module should be priortized while testing. Complex module are the less maintainable and testable. Number of test path directly propornate to complexity so It can be used directly to allocate testing efforts.
Complexity can be divided in following sub metrics
Design Complexity
Code Complexity
Data Complexity
Code complexity defined as the amount of effort needed to understand and maintain the code properly. Complexity is often related with code size. However this is not right sometime a small code size module is more complex than the long one. This is recommended to have combination of code size metrics and complexity metrics to detect the code complexity

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