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C/C++ tools

CCCC is a tool which analyzes C++ and Java files and generates a report on various metrics of the code. Metrics supported include lines of code, McCabe's complexity and metrics proposed by Chidamber&Kemerer and Henry&Kafura.
ccm is a tool that analyzes c/c++ and c# code and reports back on Cyclomatic Complexity, a metric introduced by Thomas McCabe back in the mid 70's.
Analyzes cyclomatic complexity of a piece of ANSI C or C++ code. Can generate a postscript flowgraph of the functions. Written by Roger Binns in 1993. Implemented in C++. Patch for modern C++ compilers contributed in 2010 by Matt Caron.


CyVis is a free software metrics collection, analysis and visualisation tool for java based software.
  • 100% Java Application with Java 1.5 support
  • Collects Metrics from class files (hence there's no need for the source code).
  • CyVis Ant Task, to integrate with your build.
  • Multi-threaded for better performance(extraction of metrics).
  • Detailed Metrics at Project, Package and Class Levels.
  • Metrics shown in tables and charts.
  • Customizable coloured highlighting in charts for better data visualisation.
  • In depth analysis with the Project Tree Viewer.
  • Capable of batch operation.
  • Command Line option.
  • HTML & Text Reports generation, or raw metrics export in XML format.
Java Source Metric
Java Source Metric is designed to metric Java source code with quality metrics like Inheritance Depth, Line of Code, McCabe Complexity Metric suite and so on.
Provide metrics calculation and dependency analyzer plugin for the Eclipse platform. Measure various metrics with average and standard deviation and detect cycles in package and type dependencies and graph them
Eclipse Metrics Plugin
Eclipse plugin calculates various metrics for your code during build cycles and warns you, via the Problems view, of 'range violations' for each metric. This allows you to stay continuously aware of the health of your code base. You may also export the metrics to HTML for public display or to CSV or XML format for further analysis. This export can be performed from within Eclipse or using an Ant task.
Dev Metrics
Software metrics for C#. Gain visibility of your code, make more informed decisions and identify opportunities for refactoring. The new 2.0 SDK removes the limitations of existing software metrics tools by allowing you to measure almost any characteristic of your code and create your own reports.
PyMetrics produces metrics for Python programs. Metrics include McCabe's Cyclomatic Complexity metric, LoC, %Comments, etc. Users can also define their own metrics using data from PyMetrics. PyMetrics optionally outputs stdout, SQL command files and CSV.
Saikuro is a Ruby cyclomatic complexity analyzer. When given Ruby source code Saikuro will generate a report listing the cyclomatic complexity of each method found. In addition, Saikuro counts the number of lines per method and can generate a listing of the number of tokens on each line of code.
Coupling-Complexity Between Objects
Coupling-Complexity Between Objects is a metric suite that predicts software quality. It consists of ten metrics that are based on Thomas McCabe's Cyclomatic Complexity and Chidamber and Kemerer's Coupling Between Objects.
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