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API Testing

Application programming interfaces (API) refers for

Consisting of a set of classes or several sets of related functions or procedures for building software applications. A set of good API makes it easier to develop a program. Programmers integrate together these API as basic blocks.

API allows code-level access to the functionality.

These APIs, just like any other interface into the product, must be tested before they are released to the end


Why it is important?

API used as basic building blocks while developing application. Any major failure will cause failure of application and It’s tedious task to get root cause of the failure. Most of the times API is used as third party libraries, If these API not tested well may cause holes (security holes) in the application or can give permission of the hidden or restricted functionality to the end user


Who should do it?

API testing is typically an activity owned by the QA team. API tests are often run after the build has been created (with changed code). Teams generally responsible for these types of test do not have access to the source code, they are creating black box tests against an API to test the whole functionality of the application.


What it should cover?

API testing, like other activities owned by the QA team, must consider the ‘full’ functionality of the system, as it will be used by the end user.API testing can be automated with the help of coverage tools. These API tests executed with coverage tool. A coverage tool analyzes the source code with the executed API tests. If the coverage is high and the untested source lines are of low impact to the system's overall quality, then no more additional tests are required.


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